At the heart of your interest in the study of holistic health and wellbeing is a passion to serve others in body, 心, 和精神. 澳门线上博彩官网一年期, online Master of Kinesiology in 综合健康 will prepare professionals who can improve health in the U.S. through interventions in behavior change, nutrition, and physical activity. 

Corporate 健康 program directors can facilitate health change at the workplace and ultimately save their companies money. Personal trainers and other fitness professionals can learn how to better lead their clients along personal journeys toward better health. 注册营养师, RNs, and medical assistants can use the degree to deliver obesity interventions to patients. 

无论学位是如何应用的, it can become the vehicle that health and 健康 professionals will use to apply evidence-based strategies that facilitate sustainable health behavior change that can lead to weight loss, 健康饮食, 有规律的体育活动, 减压, and overall improvements to health and wellbeing. 

The integration of lifestyle medicine within healthcare systems is not just effective, but powerful and life-changing for individuals and society.


M .简介.S. 在澳门线上博彩官网的运动机能系.



Take courses that pair an applied learning approach with the latest industry research and trends, giving you the real-world experience today to be successful tomorrow.


Foster relationships with industry leaders, gain exposure to internship and job opportunities, and learn from faculty and professional colleagues through a robust, 灵活的课程.


Develop a deeper understanding of how to faithfully apply your work to the 健康 of the whole person — body, 心, 和精神.



杰西卡·马修斯,DBH, MS, NBC-HWC

随着科技的兴起, how is the 学术 world answering the call to create a trusted bridge between the knowing and the doing when it comes to applying technology and facilitating positive health outcomes?



When you complete the program, you will be able to:

  • 应用 evidence-based coaching strategies and behavior change techniques to facilitate meaningful lifestyle changes and improved health outcomes.

  • Collaborate with colleagues in a wide variety of settings to provide an integrative and holistic approach to healthcare, 健康教育, 健康促进.

  • Evaluate the influence of biopsychosocial factors on health, 疗愈, 和幸福 to design lifestyle interventions to prevent and manage chronic diseases.



  • 2024年秋季- 2024年9月2日


  • 2024年秋季- 2024年8月21日



The educational context at 澳门线上博彩官网 will challenge you to live a full life that integrates the pursuit of knowledge with beliefs, 值, 和行动. While honoring diverse perspectives and beliefs, Christian 值 and principles are woven into the educational experience. We understand your application is not only a reflection of you as a student; it reflects you as a person. 在澳门线上博彩官网, we holistically evaluate your 学术 history, 工作及生活经历, background, and circumstances to determine admission into a graduate program. Your undergraduate GPA is an important piece of your application, but if you do not meet the minimum GPA requirement of a 3.0, you may still be eligible for admission based on your application package as well as the exceptions policy per your particular program.*因此, we strongly encourage you to contact your enrollment counselor, who will advise you regarding your qualifications and provide specific information about the admission under exceptions process.

To be admitted into 澳门线上博彩官网's MS-KIN, no prerequisite courses are required.  然而, a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution in a health, 健康 or fitness related program OR a non-health related baccalaureate degree and 一个有信誉的 health, fitness, or 健康 certification (or equivalent) and a minimum of three years of professional experience in the field of health, 健康, 或者要求身体健康. If you have any questions about your qualifications or the program in general, we encourage you to contact your enrollment counselor.


Note: The application is completed entirely online with the exception of transcripts, which can be submitted electronically or directly to 澳门线上博彩官网, 还有考试成绩, 哪些应以电子方式提交.

  1. 提交一个 在线申请 for admissions (including $50 non-refundable application fee, 校友可获豁免的学费, current or former military and their dependents, 和澳门线上博彩官网员工).
  2. 提交 官方成绩单 with proof of earned baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution.* (If you are a 澳门线上博彩官网 alumnus, please notify your counselor to have your transcripts retrieved. You do not need to request transcripts from the 澳门线上博彩官网 Office of Records.)

    Point Loma拿撒勒大学
    3900 Lomaland博士.

    Official electronic transcripts must be emailed to:

    *Please note, 官方成绩单 must be sent directly from the regionally accredited institution.
  3. 提交 个人论文. Specifically state how you would like to use your master’s degree from 澳门线上博彩官网 to further your career. Make sure you clearly touch on the three points below:
    • Clarify what job setting you see yourself pursuing upon completing the MS in Kinesiology and specify how this degree program will help you in that setting.
    • Describe what 健康 means to you and explain how you intend to provide a whole-person approach to health in your professional practice. 
    • State how your previous education and work experiences have uniquely prepared you for success in this program.
  4. 提交一个 简历/维塔.
  5. Once you have submitted your admissions application, your 三名选定的专业推荐人 will automatically be sent the auto-generated document to complete on your behalf. If you'd life to include a written letter in addition to this required document, 你可以这样做, 但这是不必要的.

*例外政策:如果你有低于3.0 GPA in your baccalaureate degree you will need to speak with your enrollment counselor for more information on the exceptions materials needed for your particular program.



State authorization is a formal determination that 澳门线上博彩官网 is approved to conduct educational activities regulated by that state or U.S. 领土. 澳门线上博彩官网 is not required to obtain state authorization in every state or U.S. 领土, and the university has opted at this time not to seek authorization in certain states and U.S. 领土. Additionally, 澳门线上博彩官网 meets the criteria for exemption from authorization in certain states.

此时此刻, 澳门线上博彩官网 does not have authorization in Arkansas, 康涅狄格, 特拉华州, 哥伦比亚特区, 乔治亚州, 马里兰, 麻萨诸塞州, 密歇根, 明尼苏达州, 新墨西哥, 纽约, 罗德岛州, 威斯康辛州, 和美国.S. 领土. 

Authorizations in specific states may change periodically. 澳门线上博彩官网 recommends contacting 澳门线上博彩官网 admissions at (800) 733-7770 for the latest information.


Professionals in integrative 健康 provide clients with holistic approaches to health 和幸福. By gaining your integrative 健康 degree at 澳门线上博彩官网 you’ll learn how to care for others by focusing on the relationship between the provider and client and working toward the goal of achieving optimal health and rehabilitation. 

澳门线上博彩官网’s integrative 健康 master's program will prepare you for leadership in a variety of fields:

  • 健康指导

  • 营养学和营养学

  • 企业健康

  • 护理

  • 健康教育

  • 运动科学

  • 健康促进

What do integrative 健康 jobs look like post graduation?

Integrative health is an $82 billion global industry. As our world continues to become more physically active and medically advanced, the market share of this field is expected to grow at a rate of 22% annually between 2021 to 2028, with more 和更多的 individuals seeking this type of integrative health care. 

The following are some career paths you can take with an integrative 健康 degree: 


2020年平均年薪: $67,097
预计增长: 32% 2020-30

While getting your master’s in kinesiology, there are options to explore an integrative 健康 concentration. Wellness directors are responsible for a company’s or organization’s planning and execution of programs centered around health, 安全, 和幸福. You’d be the go-to person for promotion of overall health — mental and physical 健康 — of all staffers, 最终为你的公司省钱. 从根本上说, integrative 健康 aims to apply evidence-based practices into lasting behavioral changes. 


美国的估计总薪酬: $64,005 
预计增长: 13% 2020-30

The main job of exercise physiologists is to analyze patients’ fitness and create a health plan to improve or maintain their health. Some exercise physiologists also help patients who have heart disease and other chronic conditions, working to rehabilitate and help them regain their health as they relearn control over their bodies. Exercise physiologists may also work with amateur or professional athletes hoping to increase their health and enhance their athletic performance.


2021年平均年薪: $60,600
预计增长: 17% 2020-30

Health coaches work alongside their clients to develop an understanding of their own health and how to achieve their health goals – from dietary, 力量和调节, 心血管, 运动性能, 和更多的! Health coaches meet with their clients to discuss goals, progress, and challenges. They also act as support and accountability for their clients as they work toward difficult and demanding goals. 


2020年平均年薪: $85,665
预计增长: 39% 2020-30

Personal trainers work with individuals or small groups to instruct and implement exercise and general fitness plans. They develop exercise regimens for clients, teach clients how to use complex equipment, and also help develop dietary plans for some clients with specific fitness goals in 心. 



Dr. Jessica Matthews presents at TEDx澳门线上博彩官网 on cultivating the conditions for positive health and high-level 健康.

重获健康 | Jessica Matthews | TEDx澳门线上博彩官网


We take seriously the role of providing you with financial, 学术, and career support so you have the tools you need to be successful at 澳门线上博彩官网 and beyond. That’s why we offer a holistic support system that focuses on your unique experiences, 特定的需求, and personal and professional goals — resulting from our deep concern for you, 我们的学生.

With a focus on authentic relationships and personalized attention, our goal is to help transform you so you can follow your calling in your own career and life.



奖学金 ranging from $500-2500 are available to those who qualify. Please contact your Enrollment Counselor for further information.

What inspires me most about working in the field is the privilege of faithfully serving others physically, 在情感上, 精神上, and 精神上 — it's what fuels my passion. This whole-person approach to 健康 is not only the cornerstone of the integrative 健康 program but it’s the key to positively transforming the health of individuals and society as a whole.



What is required to be admitted into this program?

为了进入澳门线上博彩官网的运动机能学专业,M.S., 综合健康计划, you must have a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution, as evidenced by an official transcript that indicates the completion of an undergraduate degree. You must also have an undergraduate cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. If you don’t meet the minimum GPA requirement, please contact your enrollment counselor regarding the exceptions process.


绝对. The integrative 健康 program consists of all-online courses that allow for a flexible schedule, so you can continue to work full or part time.

What scholarship and financial aid opportunities are available to me?

You will have the option to apply for a number of scholarships through 学生财务服务. This program qualifies for state and federal financial aid options. Contact your enrollment counselor for more information.

How long does it take to complete the program?



Class sizes are estimated to be 20 to 25 people.

Are international students eligible to apply?

不幸的是, international students are not eligible to apply for our 100% online programs at this time.

澳门线上博彩官网 is a Christian university, but I am not a Christian. 我会在这个项目中感到格格不入吗?

We welcome and encourage people of all backgrounds as students in our programs. Issues that relate to faith may be discussed in some classes, and engaging in discussion with individuals with alternative points of view will be encouraged as learning opportunities. Students will work within a learning community that is supportive 学术ally, 精神上, 和情感上.


For information about the courses required for the 运动机能学,M.S.综合健康 program, view the 澳门线上博彩官网 Catalog.