澳门线上博彩官网 uses a system called Rave Alert to send SMS messages and 电子邮件s to students, 员工, 在校园紧急情况下.


All 澳门线上博彩官网 students and 员工 are automatically enrolled but may opt-out of receiving emergency alerts. 学生和员工应该参观 工作日 验证或更新现有的联系信息.


学生家长, 校园的邻居, and members of the community who wish to enroll in the emergency alert system, 可以在 http://getrave.com/login/澳门线上博彩官网community. 请填写有效的电子邮件地址和手机号码.


在紧急情况下, 警报也可以广播到大学的电脑上, 数字信号, 室内和室外公共广播扬声器, 警报灯塔, 以及澳门线上博彩官网的社交媒体网站. 在推特上关注澳门线上博彩官网: @plnu.



澳门线上博彩官网社区的成员可以查看大学的 紧急行动计划 网上(需登入).

To view the designated evacuation area for your building or campus, refer to the maps below:


澳门线上博彩官网 holds two university-wide emergency drills each year: a campus lockdown drill during the fall semester and a building evacuation drill during the spring semester. Information about emergency drills will be shared with the campus community by 电子邮件 prior to each drill.




如果发生校园医疗紧急情况,请拨打911. 如果已经联系了911, call 公共安全 at (619) 849-2525 and alert them so they may coordinate and assist with the arrival of emergency vehicles.

When on the phone with a 公共安全 or 911, tell the dispatcher:

  • 紧急情况的性质
  • 受害人的确切位置
  • If the victim is unconscious, in respiratory or cardiac arrest, or is bleeding uncontrollably
  • 您的姓名和电话号码,以防您的电话无法接通

If a fire alarm or smoke detector is activated, call 公共安全 with the location. The site will then be assessed and emergency services notified as needed.


  • 尽快撤离.
  • 拉最近的火警警报提醒其他人.
  • 拨打911,然后拨打公共安全(619)849-2525.
  • Attempt to extinguish the fire if there is an appropriate fire extinguisher available and you know how to use it.



  • 熟悉应急计划和程序. Take time to identify evacuation routes, and potential hazards to avoid.
  • Make sure objects of any kind are not stored in aisles or buildings exit paths.
  • 不要在高架子上存放重物.


  • 保持冷静,让别人放心.
  • 蹲下,掩护,坚持住.
  • 如果在室内,躲到桌子或桌子下面并抓住. 远离窗户、高大的物体和顶灯. If no cover is available, duck and hold near an interior wall or interior doorway. 保护你的头和脸免受掉落碎片的伤害. 不要外出!
  • If outside, stay away from buildings, trees, power lines, poles and all other overhead obstructions. 不要试图进去!
  • In a vehicle, pull over to the side of the road and stop in a safe place in an open area. 避开天桥和电线,待在车内. 如果你继续开车, 注意危险,如损坏的道路, 堕落的对象, 还有倒下的电线.
  • If you are trapped in debris: Move as little as possible so that you don’t kick up dust. 用手帕或衣服捂住口鼻.轻敲管道或墙壁,这样救援人员就能听到你的位置. 只有在万不得已的时候才喊.


  • 为余震做好准备.
  • Move cautiously, and wear enclosed, sturdy shoes to avoid injury from broken glass or other debris.
  • 检查受伤情况. 必要时进行急救. Do not move seriously injured individuals unless absolutely necessary.
  • 检查火情,如果安全的话,扑灭小火. Do not turn on light switches or appliances and do not light a match. 如果你闻到煤气味,向建筑协调员报告.
  • 检查设施损坏情况. Report all problems to your building coordinator or to university emergency response personnel.
  • 如果建筑物损坏严重,请撤离, 如果有煤气泄漏或火灾, 或者被指示这么做. During evacuation, close all doors, and turn off all electrical equipment. Bring your personal emergency kit with you and use the stairway. 不用电梯吗. 协助所有残障人士.
  • Move away from the building to an open area free from overhead hazards. Do not return to the building until it has been determined to be safe by someone in authority.
  • Keep streets and walkways clear for emergency equipment and personnel. 如果其他人被困,救援时要格外小心. If possible, wait for trained university personnel to guide rescue efforts.
  • 记下任何失踪的人. 向建筑协调员提供所有需要的信息, 公共安全, 以及其他应急人员.


An active shooter or violent intruder is a person actively attempting to injure or kill as many victims as possible within a short period of time. These situations leave little or no time for planning and normally require law enforcement to take immediate action. In each situation it is critical to quickly evaluate your options and react. 虽然不是所有的都包括在内,但以下是需要考虑的步骤. Thinking of your response now will greatly increase your likelihood of survival.

运行. 与射手保持尽可能远的距离;

  • 想好逃生路线了吗.
  • 无论其他人是否同意跟随,都要撤离.
  • 留下个人物品.
  • 让你的手空着.
  • 听从执法部门的指示.
  • 监控手机上的紧急短信.

隐藏. If you are in a classroom or office and you feel it is not safe to run, 那就呆在那里, 锁上门. If the door does not lock, use heavy furniture to barricade the door. 然后评估以下内容:

  • 关掉所有噪声源(手机、收音机、电视).
  • 考虑其他出口,比如窗户.
  • 躲在大的固体物体后面.

战斗. 作为最后的手段, 只有当你的生命处于迫在眉睫的危险时, 试图扰乱或使入侵者丧失行动能力:

  • 对他/她表现得尽可能咄咄逼人.
  • Throwing items and improvising weapons (textbooks, chairs, desks, laptops, lamps).
  • 大声喊叫,尖叫,制造噪音.
  • 不放弃,不成为受害者.



  • 请致电(619)849-2525联系公共安全部门 to inform them of the power failure.
  • 避免使用电梯.
  • 如果你被指示撤离, do so quickly and assemble in the building’s designated evacuation area.



  • 不要试图触摸或移动物品.
  • 请致电(619)849-2525联系公共安全部门. Be prepared to provide an exact location and description of the item.
  • 立即离开该地区,并建议其他人也这样做.


通过电话收到炸弹威胁, 电子邮件, or other means should be immediately reported to 公共安全 at (619) 849-2525.